British Wool Blankets
Crafted in Cornwall

Our ethos is very simple: we use British wool to create a unique product. An Harber was born out of friendship, a love of wool and care for our environment.

The name is Cornish and it means the haven (or place of refuge) and this is exactly what our farm based wool shed has become post lockdown.

We lovingly design and craft beautiful felted blankets from British wool, which we photograph at iconic Cornish Heritage sites to bring the splendours of our local landscape to you

Sharing our understanding and passion for this sustainable, eco friendly resource, we have developed techniques to create a truly unique product.

In these troubled times, we believe in collaboration; we know that when we all work together, humanity is enriched. We need to care about our environment: here at An Harber, we do.

Why pure British wool?

In this age of modern textiles, why are people returning to pure wool? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Biodegradable
  • Renewal/sustainable
  • Breathable
  • Static resistant
  • Antibacterial

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